Via Zerohedge

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden had a meltdown on Tuesday, telling a Detroit autoworker “You’re full of shit!” when he was accused of “actively trying to end our Second Amendment Right.”

“I support the Second Amendment,” said Biden, adding in an incoherent ramble: “The Second Amendment – just like right now, if you yell “fire,” that’s not free speech… From the very beginning, I have a shotgun, I have a 20-gauge, I have a 12-gauge, my sons hunt. Guess what, you’re not allowed to own any weapon.”

I’m not taking your gun away, at all,” Biden continued – to which the man interjects “You were on video saying you were going to take our guns away,” to which Biden replies “I did not say that.”

You did! It’s in a viral video!” the man volleys back.

Then Biden says “Wait, wait, wait, wait, I’ll take your AR-14s” – a gun which doesn’t exist.



Meanwhile, Biden did threaten to take your guns.

And he wants to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of it.

Perhaps this explains why Joe received some unexpected pushback on his designs. 

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