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It would appear all the escalating rhetoric from a month of impeachment hearings – including one Democratic congressman asking fellow lawmakers to imagine the teenage daughter of Ukraine’s president tied up in Trump’s basement – have sparked more than just verbal assaults on Republicans (just as Maxine Waters would had suggested previously).

The Hill reports that a man in Illinois has been charged after allegedly threatening to shoot Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) and accusing the congressman of “backing the Russians.”

Rodney Lee Davis

64-year-old Randall Tar of Rochester, Ill. was charged with communicating threats to injure a person and threatening to assault, kidnap or murder a federal official, according to court documents released this week (full release below).

Contacted at his home Thursday, Tarr said he saw a television ad in which Davis, a Republican from Taylorville, claimed that Ukraine, not Russia, was responsible for meddling in the 2016 U.S. elections, and it angered him enough to call.

Prosecutors say Tarr called Davis’s district office last month and left a profanity-filled voicemail, saying:

“I just saw you … on the TV. You backing the Russians, boy?”

“Stupid son of a bitch, you’re gonna go against our military and back the Russians?” he allegedly added.

“I’m a sharpshooter. … I’d like to shoot your f—ing head off you stupid motherf—er.”

Tarrlater reportedly told The Associated Press:

“I screwed up,” Tarr said.

“I don’t even have a weapon to do it, is the silliest thing.”

“I wish I could just take it all back and just say he’s a lousy (expletive) for backing the Russian theory.”

Of course, the only problem with all this is that the Democrats’ constant spewing of the narrative that Ukraine did not ‘meddle’ in the 2016 election is entirely false.

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So did Democrats’ lies cause an unstable person to threaten a Congressman?

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