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AI tyranny to be “built into the software that runs our society”.

The future needs real humans with a conscience and the ability to question authority.

In 2000, Bill Joy of Sun Microsystems wrote an articled titled Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us that detailed the anti-human worldview of the elite.

If we are to believe Elon Musk, Ray kurzweil and other top Transhumanists, we will need to merge with the machines in order to survive.

In reality the exact opposite is true. Humanity’s survival depends on remaining human and defying the post human agenda.

Two recent stories vividly demonstrate the anti-human future that we all face.

bombshell story from Austin, Texas revealed that the homeless population is being microchipped as a price of entry into shelter.

In the video clip, a homeless man describes the program, saying:

“It’s some kind of chip, I guess. Some kind of device you put on your body and then all you do is scan and then you don’t have to pay for anything anymore, you just scan.”

Another story from China shows the tyranny of social credit scores as a man is held captive and questioned for criticizing police on social media.

The elite are pushing the world into an AI driven nightmare.

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Medical decisions, law practices, education, news and entire cities will be driven by artificial intelligence.

We are gradually shifting from constitutional law to algorithm driven tyranny.

Tyranny “built into the software that runs our society”

Computer scientist and pioneer of virtual reality Jaron Lanier, named in Time Magazine’s top 100 most influential people for 2010, says that “Cybernetic totalists” could “…cause suffering for millions of people.” Lanier writes in the year 2000 in his “One Half A Manifesto” that,

“There is a real chance that evolutionary psychology, artificial intelligence, Moore’s Law fetishizing, and the rest of the package, will catch on in a big way, as big as Freud or Marx did in their times. Or bigger, since these ideas might end up essentially built into the software that runs our society and our lives. If that happens, the ideology of cybernetic totalist intellectuals will be amplified from novelty into a force that could cause suffering for millions of people.”

The elite want a final revolution against the human race.

Ultimately, the human capacity to defy authority and exercise God-given conscience is to be snuffed out and rendered ineffective.

It has already begun with big tech censorship (driven by AI) of conservative voices, those who question vaccine safety, and many other prescient issues.

Simultaneously, a cultural purge of Judeo Christian values is taking place. Historically, these basic principles have held western society together in a system of true tolerance, and a regard for natural law for all mankind under God reigned us in when we went astray. The AI final revolution cannot succeed with these values widely held and practiced.

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In reality, the future does need us. If we robotically sleepwalk into this post-human future we are finished.