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Who Is Running For President In 2020 (So Far)?

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The number of candidates for the U.S. Democratic presidential primaries in 2020 rose to 19 this week, with former vice president Joe Biden making his long-expected announcement.

Infographic: 19 Democrats Have Announced Presidential Bids  | Statista

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Among the field of candidates are nine sitting members of Congress, six women and also six minority candidates. Other bids came from former and current mayors, former Congressmen, a governor, an entrepreneur and a self-help author who has been called Oprah’s spiritual adviser.

Some candidates had decided to form what is called an exploratory committee ahead of a proper campaign announcement, but all of them have since announced a full-fledged run for president.

There are two candidates for the Republican primaries so far: the current president of the United States, Donald Trump and former governor of Massachusetts, William Weld. Trump filed for a 2020 run on Jan 20, 2017, the day of his inauguration, according to the Federal Election Commission. Weld had previously been associated with the Libertarian party, but changed his affiliation back to Republican ahead of his campaign announcement and filing with the FEC on April 1.

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