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Job growth faltered in August, with the U.S. economy adding a tepid 130,000 new positions, well below analysts’ expectations.

The number, which would have been even lower if not for the addition of 25,000 temporary census workers, added to fears the record-long economic expansion is coming to an end, a direct result of slowing global growth and trade war uncertainties.

“This is a mostly negative report with only some minor positive offsets,” said Luke Tilley, chief economist at Wilmington Trust and a former Philadelphia Federal Reserve official.


Still, unemployment continues to hover near a decades low, and some industries reported solid gains in employment.

Health care, for instance, added 24,000 new positions in August, and 392,000 over the past 12 months. Ambulatory health care services trended up, with 12,000 jobs added, as did hospitals, with 9,000 created.

Financial services also experienced an employment boon, adding 15,000 new jobs — most of which were concentrated in insurance carriers. Over the year, the industry has added about 111,000 jobs.

Here’s a look at the sectors that saw the most — and least — growth in job creation:

Created jobs:

Professional Services: 37,000

Government: 34,000

Health care: 24,000

Financial: 15,000

Construction: 14,000

Leisure & Hospitality: 12,000

Real Estate: 7,000

Manufacturing: 3,000

Lost jobs:

Department Stores: -15,000

Retail: -11,000

Mining: -5,000

Trucking: -4,500

Telecommunications: -3,600


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