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Deaths breached the 100,000 mark on Friday, another grim milestone for the world engulfed in a pandemic. 

More than a billion people across the world remain in quarantine as the global economy crashes into a depression in the second quarter. The OECD and WTO on Wednesday published two separate reports that both outline global economic activity has collapsed.

The OECD Leading Indicators show the global economy experienced a sharp decline in the last month. 

The WTO shows world trade has plunged well below 2008 levels. One word: unprecedented

As a result of quarantines, unemployment claims have rocketed higher in nearly every major developed and emerging market economy. Tens of millions of people have been laid off as streets, highways, shopping districts, and manufacturing hubs have become lifeless. 

While words can only describe so much of a world in lockdown, Bloomberg has published a handful of pictures illustrating what the world looks like after a month of pandemic: 

New York City 

A lone pedestrian walks inside the Oculus, a transportation and shopping hub in Manhattan’s financial district on March 30. H/T Photographer Gabby Jones/Bloomberg

Los Angeles

The usually busy 110 freeway on April 1. H/T Photographer Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg


The Arc de Triomphe looms over an empty Champs Elysees and its shuttered luxury retailers on April 4. H/T Photographer Cyril Marcilhacy/Bloomberg


Umbrellas outside closed cafes line a street leading to the Navigli canal system on April 8. Photographer H/T Francesca Volpi/Bloomberg

Sao Paulo

The Municipal Market on April 8. H/T Photographer: Rodrigo Capote/Bloomberg


Police patrol a deserted Red Square on April 2. H/T Photographer: Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg


The Old City on March 29. H/T Photographer: Kobi Wolf/Bloomberg


An empty walkway inside the Grand Bazaar on March 25. H/T Photographer: Kerem Uzel/Bloomberg


Banners fly outside closed luxury boutiques on New Bond Street on April 9. H/T Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg


Security guards are among the few people inside the Toronto Eaton Centre on March 25. H/T Photographer: Cole Burston/Bloomberg


Shuttered bars and tapas restaurants line a deserted street on March 16. H/T Photographer: Angel Navarrete/Bloomberg


Men sit inside the closed Crawford Market on March 25. H/T Photographer: Dhiraj Singh/Bloomberg


A pedestrian crosses a deserted street of usually crowded shops and cafes on March 22. H/T Photographer: Jose Sarmento Matos/Bloomberg

It becomes evident that the world has ground to a halt in one of the fastest economic crashes ever. It remains to be seen if the recovery phase is V-shaped, U-shaped, or L-shaped. 

More or less, we’re leaning towards an L-shaped recovery… 

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