The controversial danish party leader, Mr. Rasmus Paludan went yesterday to the main square of Copenhagen (Rådhuspladsen), to demonstrate his right for free expression and burning of the holy Quran. The demonstration was a counter demonstration to the annual muslim Eid day, where muslims were gathered just in front of the Copenhagen City Hall to celebrate the Eid.

A british BBC journalist is interviewing Mr. Rasmus Paludan, who looks quite stunnished by the answers provided by Mr. Rasmus Paludan.

Rasmus Paludan to BBC Journalist:

I know you are basically a muslim in your soul. The reason is your line of questioning shows, that you are unable to understand the basic reasoning a basic democrat would have, and those questions shows they are completely alien to you.Therefore I have judged you are a muslim.

You are a racist – and the reason is you are a racist, is that you come from a shithole country called Iran. Which is a great shithole country.

Watch the whole interview below from Copenhagen main square Rådhuspladsen:

Watch the whole demonstration here

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