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Watch Live: President Trump To Make Statement On Iran Missile Attack

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Via Zerohedge

President Trump will deliver a statement to the American people on Wednesday morning at 11 am est. about the Iranian missile strikes that targeted two U.S. military bases in Iraq on Tuesday night.

As a preview to Trump’s speech, Senior White House reporter for Bloomberg News Jennifer Jacobs tweeted Wednesday morning that there were “no American casualties from last night’s Iranian missile strikes that targeted two airbases in Iraq that host U.S. troops.”

Iran launched a missile strike on Tuesday night against two Iraqi military bases housing U.S. troops in retaliation for the airstrike that killed top Iranian General Qassem Soleimani last Friday.

President Trump is likely to give his remarks to the increasing tension in the Middle East after Iran attacked two U.S. military bases. He’s expected to provide the public with a Department of Defense’s assessment of no U.S. casualties after the attack.

President Trump tweeted late Tuesday that “All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well-equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning.”

Watch here: Trump makes a statement on Iran missile attack via NBC News

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