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What kind of sensible person would feel compelled to call Kobe Bryant a rapist and trash his legacy in the hours after the devastating helicopter crash that left the NBA legend and his daughter, Gianna, dead? Unsurprisingly, the answer to that question is staff reporters at CNN and the Washington Post, among other media outlets.

Bryant and his daughter were on their way to a travel basketball game. The victims in the crash also included another player and a parent. But that didn’t stop the Washington Post’s Felicia Somnez from sending a controversial tweet reminding the world about Bryant’s “disturbing” rape case. The tweet was deleted, but a screenshot was preserved and published by the Daily Mail.

Sonmez said she received death threats after posting the tweet, and added that she was inundated with more than 10,000 harassing and insulting messages in the wake of her tweet.

We find it difficult to believe that she didn’t anticipate this reaction. And unfortunately for her, this play for sympathy in the aftermath has decidedly backfired.

Of course, Bryant is a ‘rapist’ at the moment of his death, but Fidel Castro was simply “Cuban dictator” – where were the reminders of the atrocities committed by his government?

Unsurprisingly, a Buzzfeed reporter tweeted the exact same thing.


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According to the Mail, Sonmez, a political reporter at WaPo, has been suspended from her position.

In response to Sonmez’s claims that she was merely remembering Bryant’s legacy “in totality,” one twitter user cut right to the heart of why her tweet infuriated thousands of people.

The backlash was just as intense after CNN’s Nathan McDermott tweeted about the “very credible rape allegation” made against Bryant, neglecting to mention that the charges were dropped and the victim admitted she went on to have sex with another man less than a day after the incident with Bryant.

Even reporters with obscure sports media organizations managed to incite a massive backlash (and boost their own profile) with their critical Kobe tweets. One reporter with College Hockey News decried the “sick” people on twitter for inundating her with insults after she had the “audacity” to suggest that “sexual assault victims deserve compassion too” in the hours after the crash.

Actress Evan Rachel Wood called Bryant a “rapist”.

And there’s the random smattering of radical feminists and #MeToo fanatics.

As a reminder of how much Bryant meant to millions of fans:

Oh, and let’s not forget the New York Times, LA Times and other media organizations highlighting Bryant’s “complicated” legacy.  WaPo also caught some flack for describing Bryant as a “controversial” figure in the opening paragraphs of its obituary.

You want to show compassion for ‘survivors’ living with trauma? How about showing some compassion for the Bryant family and the millions of people devastated by the deaths of Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter?

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So much for the tolerant, compassionate, left…