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Volkswagen announced last week it was going to be launching its in-home charging station – and installation – ahead of the launch of its ID3 electric vehicle, which is expected to hit the streets later this year. VW started selling its level 2 charging station called “ID.Charger” on Friday of last week, according to electrek.

The company has also said it’s building a “complete charging network around the ID.3.”

The charging station is equipped with a Type 2 connector, which is the standard for EVs in Europe. It’s available in three different configurations that start in price around $450 USD. All options have a power output of up to 11 kW. 

Peter Diekmann, Key Account Manager at the Volkswagen subsidiary Elli which is responsible for charger, said: “In the past, buying a wallbox was often a tiresome and long-winded exercise for customers. We want to change that and are offering a single-source solution for the ID. Charger – from purchase and installation through to commissioning.”

The chargers are available in eight European counties effective immediately. 

Thomas Ulbrich, Member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen Brand responsible for E-mobility, said: “Volkswagen is also setting new standards for charging in the volume segment. We will be building a complete charging network around the ID.3 over the coming months. The ID. Charger gets things rolling, further charging services will follow. In future, charging an electric car is to be as clear and simple as charging a smartphone.”

Recall, we wrote back in May that VW has sold out many of its EVs into the second half of 2020. The automaker’s CEO said on a podcast in May that many of its EVs are already “sold out far into the second half of the year.” 

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The company’s market share for EVs more than doubled to almost 4% and could rise as high as 5% or 6% by the end of 2020 with help from incentives and tax breaks, CEO Herbert Diess said. The company has a longer-term target of EVs accounting for about 40% of deliveries by 2030.

Days before that, we wrote about the Volkswagen ID3, which, with a price point of $33,000 possibly represents the biggest challenge to Tesla’s dominant EV status yet. The vehicle goes on sale in Europe and the UK this summer, despite the coronavirus and offers the same amount of range and storage space as a Tesla Model 3.

Volkswagen has been taking pre-orders for the car and more than 35,000 people have placed deposits so far, according to Autocar. Those who placed deposits will be able to buy their cars starting June 17 in Europe. The UK will follow in mid-July due to the time it takes to get approval for right hand drive models.

Volkswagen sales boss Jürgen Stackmann said at the time deliveries are on track and that the ID3 is the company’s sole focus right now: “The focus of the company now is on ID 3. We’re almost ready, and we just need a few more weeks to get the software to where we need it to be. The entire team are working on this topic, and we want to deliver a great quality product on time – and that time is this summer.”

And the target for VW is clear: the company is “very confident” that it “won’t lose sight of Tesla,” Deiss said.

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