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Virgin Media’s network connection has now been fixed for users across the country.

In what appeared to be a major outage, people reported issues with their wi-fi connections.

It appeared to begin just before 10am UK time.

At the time, Virgin said the issue was affecting users in London.

“The issue impacting Virgin Media customers in London today has now fixed” a Virgin spokesperson said.

However, it seems the issue spread across the country, reportedly affecting users in Birmingham, Manchester, and Glasgow.

Virgin Media has been struggling to continue service as normal, as the UK populace is using more home Wi-Fi during the coronavirus pandemic.

Other broadband providers have had similar issues.

In April, an issue with Virgin’s broadband left people without stable internet connections for most of the day.

The outage comes as research has been published about how people are using the internet during the lockdown.

Most UK adults spent more than four hours online each day.

People between 18 and 24 were the most heavy users, with an average of more than five hours spent online per day.

More than a third of the time was spent on sites owned either by Facebook or Google.

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