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Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido confirmed this weekend that his diplomats are seeking to open a direct line of communication with the US military, and would use them for “coordination” of possible military action to impose regime change.

Guaido said having direct lines of communication between him and the Pentagon would put more pressure on President Maduro to resign. Admiral Craif Faller, the head of South Command, says he “looks forward” to supporting the members of Venezuela’s military “who make the right decision,” which is to say backing the US-supported takeover by Guaido.

While Guaido continues to hold regular opposition rallies demanding he be made president, the crowds at those rallies are getting smaller since the recent failed coup.

On Saturday, a modest crowd of several hundred Venezuelans gathered in the capital of Caracas.

“We live in dictatorship,” Guaidó said, urging his supporters to press forward in their campaign to oust his foe.

“We don’t have the option to stay at home waiting, but to keep demanding our rights in the streets.”

With Guaido seemingly losing momentum, the Trump Administration may ultimately feel they need to get more directly involved in invading Venezuela and ensuring his rule.

President Maduro maintains control of the vast majority of Venezuela’s military, despite US hopes of a mass rebellion behind Guaido. Maduro has dismissed Guaido as a US puppet, and accuses the US plotting to exploit Venezuela’s oil wealth. 

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