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Powerful data solutions built into Ad Manager

With Ad Manager, we’ve made it easy for partners to centralize and analyze their ads data. The platform comes equipped with several tools that are designed to help deliver insights and grow revenue. Here are a few of the most important data capabilities built into the platform. 


Ad Manager’s forecasting tool helps you estimate and plan for how much inventory you’ll likely have available in the future, so you can make more impactful decisions about how to package and sell it. 

When checking available inventory, Ad Manager analyzes the line item you’re forecasting against competing booked line items. The platform reviews the last 24 months or more of historical traffic volume data as a basis to build and predict future traffic volumes. 

The platform is constantly making improvements to the forecasting algorithm and machine learning models to account for things like seasonal trends, new programming, etc. Additionally, partners can manually fine-tune forecasts by adding data into the forecasting engine to account for trends that Ad Manager is not able to predict. 

Opportunities and Experiments

Within Ad Manager, Google’s machine learning algorithms are constantly working to optimize revenue across every impression, regardless of sales channel, ad format, or device. 

When you view the Opportunities and Experiments section within your Ad Manager dashboard, you’ll see suggested optimization opportunities tailored to your business and the projected revenue impact they will drive. From there you can choose to put those optimizations to work or set up an experiment to test them with a few clicks. Alternatively you can decide not to implement the recommendation if you prefer.

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Home dashboard and insights

For quick performance snapshots, you can use the Home dashboard to view your Ad Manager and ad exchange performance over time. The dashboard can show you critical metrics such as revenue, impressions, viewability, ad speed, among others. Home dashboards aren’t intended to replace reports from the reporting tool, but to supplement them by surfacing new opportunities and providing insights into which strategies have been the most effective.

Ad Manager insights offer more context around your performance data. Analytics include things like anomaly detection, which determines when KPI’s fall outside of their expected range, and top movers, which display the clusters of your inventory that are contributing to precipitous change in your revenue.


The reporting tool within Google Ad Manager provides easy, granular access to all of the account data you need to create actionable insights and successfully manage your ads business. You can configure a range of dimensions and metrics to customize your reports, generate reports from predefined system templates, and easily schedule and share report results.