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The North Korean government has rejected pressure from the United States, saying Washington convening a UN Security Council meeting to discuss North Korea was ‘a foolish thing’ to do.

“It is clear that even if we talk, the United States has nothing to offer to us,” a spokesman for the Foreign Ministry in Pyongyang said Thursday, as cited by the state news agency KCNA.

“The United States talked about a corresponding measure at the meeting, as we have said we have nothing to lose and we are ready to respond to any corresponding measure that the US chooses,” the official added.

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During the UNSC meeting on Wednesday, US Ambassador Kelly Craft said Washington was willing to be flexible in its talks with Pyongyang, but ultimately it was up to North Korea to take “the difficult, but bold decision” to move the talks forward.

The situation is viewed in a different light in Pyongyang, where officials say Washington’s unacceptable demands for full denuclearization were a roadblock in the talks as they compromised North Korea’s national security. Pyongyang says tangible progress must be made before the end of the year, but Washington rejects the deadline.

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