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Bombshell revelations via court documents this week reveal how a Spanish security firm tracked the mother of Julian Assange’s fiancée, illegally recorded hours of footage of Assange’s son, and also stole his son’s dirty diapersreported RT News.

Stella Morris, a 37-year old South African-born lawyer, revealed herself as WikiLeaks founder’s fiancée on April 11, several days before a London court was about to lift a non-publication order on her name.

Morris had two children with Assange in the Ecuadorian embassy in London between 2012 and 2019.

Spanish court documents this week expose how Spanish security firm UC Global’s owner, David Morales, has been accused of privacy violation, bribery, and money laundering.

The Ecuadorian embassy in London contracted Morales’ company for security work, but it turns out Morales was surveilling Assange for US intelligence agencies.

The document shows that Morales sent an email to staff on September 21, 2017, requesting “special attention on Stella Morris.”

He ordered his team to follow Morris’ mother and found she was living in Catalonia.

“If necessary, I want a person fully dedicated to this activity, so if you have to hire someone to do it, let me know,” Morales wrote in an email. 

“All this has to be considered top secret so the dissemination will be limited,” the email continued.

Morales also had staff videotape the child stored on computer hard drives were turned over to the Spanish courts by a former UC Global employee.

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The former staff member gave a sworn statement to the Spanish courts indicating that Morales was overly obsessed in determining if Assange was the father of Morris’ child. The statement also said they were instructed to steal the baby’s dirty diapers to conduct DNA tests.

El Pais newspaper said earlier this week that DNA on the diaper wouldn’t be sufficient for a paternity test, which led Morales to devise a plan among staff members to steal the baby’s pacifier.

The former staff member eventually confronted Morris outside of the embassy and spilled the beans about the operation.

“I went to the child’s mother outside the embassy and asked her please indicate that you will no longer take the child to the embassy because they planned to steal his diapers to prove that he was the son of Julian Assange,” the statement said. 

Assange’s lawyers indicate that Morales was working for US intelligence agencies at the time.

And the story gets more strange. At one point, Morales blackmailed Ecuador’s foreign intelligence agency SENAIN with nudes of a diplomat stolen from her computer after he found his contract with the embassy was going to be terminated. 

“These extremely private photographs were allegedly in the possession of UC GLOBAL, were printed and were part of an extortion report that sought to prevent SENAIN from terminating the contract,” Assange’s lawyers wrote in a criminal complaint. 

Morales faces 175 years’ imprisonment for the spy crimes he allegedly committed on Assange.