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Given the world beheld scenes last week of Black Lives Matters protesters overrunning parliament square in London while vandalizing and defacing statues and monuments ranging from war memorials to Winston Churchill to even an Abraham Lincoln statue, with police appearing at times to sit back at let the destruction happen, it was only a matter of time before something like the below.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was involved in a car wreck when a protester ran out in front of the convoy as it departed Westminster on Wednesday

The whole dangerous close call in which Johnson escaped unscathed was caught on video and happened in broad daylight. There were no reports of injuries despite clear damage to the vehicle carrying the prime minister.

The prime minister’s convoy had been making the short drive to Downing Street when the accident happened. 

Though one man is seen darting in front of the cars as they turned onto the street, reportedly a Kurdish protester demanding British action against Turkey, some reports suggested a group of demonstrators had surged toward the convoy just before the accident.

Boris Johnson’s vehicle after a collision as it departed the Houses of Parliament Wednesday, via Reuters.

Sky News reported that Johnson’s car had been “targeted by a protester” in an attempt to draw as much attention as possible.

The prime minister’s office confirmed that Johnson had indeed been inside the car, but that he was unhurt. “Yes, that was the PM’s car,” a spokesperson said. “I think the video speaks for itself as to what happened. No reports of anybody being injured.”

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Media reports described a “minor fender-bender” but video showing a closer side angle reveals Johnson’s car suffered severe impact. 

A different angle shows that while damage was relatively minor, Johnson’s car was hit with significant impact.

Police immediately jumped on and apprehended the man seen charging the convoy to cause the wreck.

With over the past weeks various protests outside of key government buildings in both the UK and US getting increasingly out of control, and turning into chaotic scenes of rioting and vandalism, this latest incident is perhaps a ‘wake-up’ call for police at such sensitive sites to get the situation under control.