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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

A council in the UK removed two “transphobic” flags because they displayed the dictionary definition of the word ‘woman’.

Yes, really.

The flags, which were flown outside Bootle & Southport town halls, were meant to celebrate International Women’s Day.

They featured the words “woman” and the dictionary definition that a ‘woman’ is an “adult human female.”

However, after a Twitter user called Adrian Harrop complained that the flags were a “transphobic dog whistle,” the offending items were removed.

“We have been made aware of a potential issue regarding the messaging on a flag flown at Bootle & Southport town halls and have taken them down,” tweeted Sefton Council.

“We have a proud history of supporting LGBTQ+ rights across the borough,we continue to support all members of our communities,” the council added.

“Sefton Council stating here that the dictionary term for ‘woman’ is now offensive. This isn’t a joke. I’m not exaggerating this in any way. This is literally what they are saying here,” tweeted another Twitter user.

This was the offensive flag. Seriously, absorb this. They took these flags down because they were seen as OFFENSIVE. This isn’t something happening on social media. This shit is happening in REAL LIFE and it’s fucking BIZARRE,” she added.

She then pointed out the irony of a flag meant to honor International Women’s Day being removed because a man complained.

Presumably, every dictionary that includes a proper definition of the word ‘woman’ will now have to be revised and all old copies burned.

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In George Orwell’s 1984, the Newspeak dictionary shrank in size year after year in order to eliminate language and limit free thought and free speech, making it harder for the plebs to vocalize their opposition to The Party.

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