Two more Catholic statues have been decapitated, this time in Ireland, as part of a trend that is seemingly spreading across Europe.

The marble statue of Catholic Archbishop Patrick Leahy situated outside Thurles Cathedral of the Assumption in County Tipperary was decapitated and the head stolen.

The beheading was described as a “needless act of vandalism” by authorities.

“I have been moved by the reaction of the people of the town of Thurles, and throughout the diocese, arising from this act of vandalism,” said Archbishop O’Reilly. “It is my hope that the statue can be restored as soon as possible.”

Another statue located in a rural location was also beheaded.

The perpetrators remain unknown. Speculation that the culprits could have been gypsy travelers was dismissed by commentator Gemma O’Doherty, who said this was highly unlikely because many gypsies are Catholic.

As we have highlighted, these two latest incidents appear to be part of a trend that is spreading across Europe.

Back in April, a statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated in a small French village, one of a deluge of anti-Christian attacks in France which numbered almost 900 in 2018 alone.

Later that month, a Catholic church in Glasgow, Scotland was trashed by vandals in yet another random act of desecration.

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Two more Christian statues, one in Germany and one in Canada, were also beheaded in May.


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