Via Yahoo Finance

Twitter is experimenting with a new way for its users to better control who can reply to their tweets.

People who are a part of the test will be able to choose whether they want everyone, the people they follow, or the people they mention to be able to reply to their tweet.

Other users will still be able to like, retweet and, presumably, quote-tweet posts that have this limit on it, but they will not be able to engage with the conversation.

Twitter said that “this allows the person tweeting to host fireside chats, interviews, and other types of invite-only [conversations] with just a small group or single person.”

The test is happening on Android, iOS, and the web app for those users who have been chosen.

“We’re starting with a small percentage globally, so keep your eyes out to see it in action,” the firm tweeted.

This is not the only change Twitter is making to its platform; the company is also testing asking users to “revise” their language when tweeting rude or harmful content, as well as a new way to see who has quote-tweeted you.

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