The 25th Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan International Conference, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan, will be held from Oct 28 to 29 in Ashgabat.

OGT 2020 is organized by the state concerns “Turkmengas” and “Turkmennebit” in partnership with “Turkmen Forum” and GaffneyCline UK.

OGT is a business forum held annually to develop and strengthen international partnerships between Turkmen state organizations and international oil and gas companies.

During the conference, issues such as global trends in the development of the fuel and energy sector, energy diplomacy of Turkmenistan, the implementation of the TAPI gas pipeline, attracting investment in the Turkmen sector of the Caspian Sea and prospects for gas chemical projects will be discussed, along with other topics.

Presentations and panel sessions are planned to exchange experience and update participants on the status of key projects currently underway in the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan.

Senior management and representatives of both Turkmen state organizations and leading international oil and gas companies are expected to participate in the conference, as well as major international financial institutions.

One novel feature of the 2020 conference will be that, in addition to the traditional format of the conference, online streaming on Zoom will be arranged to over 70 countries. The same hybrid format will be used to organize meetings, both online and in-person, with the senior management of the oil and gas sector of Turkmenistan.

Via China Daily

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