Tulsa Officer Fires at Shooting Suspect in Bodycam Footage [Video]

Via Yahoo Finance

Police shot and killed a suspect near Interstate 44 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, after he shot and injured two people inside a business, pointed a gun at drivers, and attempted to car-jack at least two vehicles, the Tulsa Police Department said.

Newly released body-worn camera footage shows an officer responding to reports of a shooting. The video captures the officer driving to the scene, patrol rifle in hand, and running through an alley and into a restaurant. The officer gives chase to the suspect after they ran across Interstate 44, where police said he pointed a revolver at vehicles. In the footage, the responding officer can be seen firing two shots, including one which police said killed the suspect.

Police identified the suspect as Derrec Shaw and said he shot two victims during attempted carjackings, according to local media. Police said the two victims were expected to survive. Credit: Tulsa Police Department via Storyful

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