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Ahead of what looks to be a busy day for President Trump – in addition to his social media summit, Mnuchin has a meeting scheduled with Nancy Pelosi and the White House has just called a press conference about the latest court decisions on the citizenship question – the president indulged in a scattered twitter rant about the fake news media, some of his would-be Democratic challengers, and his amazing economy.

After the mainstream press criticized Trump’s social media summit  for purportedly bringing ‘fringe’ voices to the White House for another grievance session, Trump apparently felt compelled to hit back. He warned that the subject of the summit will be the “tremendously dishonest, biased” mainstream press.


He also insisted that the “Fake News” is “not as important, or as powerful, as Social Media” (though he insisted he would still be president if Twitter never existed).

And when Trump leaves office in six years, taking the Trump traffic bump with him, many media companies will go bankrupt – a claim that Trump has made before (he even included a very timely Mad Magazine reference just days after Mad ended its longrunning print mag).

Trump notoriously didn’t invite Facebook, Twitter or Alphabet to the summit, meaning social media companies won’t be well represented. Instead, he invited a group of Internet personalities. After the media rant, Trump quickly pivoted to attacking some of his rivals, joking that he couldn’t imagine ‘Sleepy Joe’ or ‘Pocahontas’ as president, while offering a little trolling by referring to himself as “so great looking and smart, a true Stable Genius!”

Trump then pivoted to a tweet about the pledge of allegiance being under siege.

Then moved on to last week’s jobs number and the economy more broadly.

Then back to the Fake News media…

And finally ending with a video tribute from…Jon Voight?

If these tweets are any indication, Thursday could be an insane day.

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