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No, this isn’t the Onion.

On a Friday afternoon where markets closed in the red and the world is once again on edge about the possibility of WWIII breaking out in the Persian Gulf – in short, the American public is badly in need of distraction – President Trump tweeted that he is going to reach out to the “very talented” prime minister of Sweden to “see what we can do” about helping popular American rapper A$AP Rocky, who is presently incarcerated in Sweden for the last two weeks after getting into a street fight with two men.


A$AP Rocky

Trump said he decided to make the inquiry after speaking with fellow rapper and noted Trump fan Kanye West.

In Friday’s edition of the New York Post, the paper reported that the White House had already secured better jail conditions for A$AP after Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner intervened. The Harlem rapper’s manager, John Ehmann, reportedly complained about his client’s conditions in jail, and somebody from the Urban Revitalization Coalition ended up putting Ehmann in contact with Kushner. West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, also reportedly lobbied Kushner to do something abotu A$AP.

“Jared immediately got Rocky moved to better living conditions,” Pastor Darrell Scott of the URC told the Post. “They had this guy in a crap hole. I don’t know if it’s a different facility [that he’s now in], but he’s at least on a different floor. It’s better surroundings.”

Trump has also reportedly got Secretary of State Mike Pompeo involved. According to media reports, A$AP was sleeping on a yoga mat and eating an apple a day.

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A$AP is being detained on charges of assault, and on Friday, a court in Stockholm approved prosecutors’ request to hold the rapper for at least six more days on the grounds that he’s a flight risk.

Another hearing will be held next week to determine whether he will be held even longer. Rocky and two other men have been detained since July 5.