Via Zerohedge

Six years after Herman Cain bowed out of the Republican primary, he has now suffered defeat for the second time this time in his quest to gain a seat on the Fed board.

Moments ago, Trump tweeted that the former Godfather’s Pizza executive – whose Fed board application was all but dead after 4 Republicans said they would oppose his nomination making his passage impossible – has requested to be removed from nomination even though just last Wednesday Cain told the WSJ that he won’t withdraw from the Fed board consideration.

And while Trump’s other Fed board nominee, Stephen Moore, is still in the running, his odds of being nominated are not much higher than Cain’s.

Which reminds us what we said last Wednesday, when we predicted that it was only a matter of time before Cain “accepts reality”, when we predicted that “Trump will have no choice but to find one – or perhaps two – new uberdoves to replace the current duo he has nominated, and whose odds of being approved are virtually nil.”

As such, we once again recommend AOC, for the simple reason that if there is one person who can finally end the Fed, it would be the upstart Democratic Socialist, who will sooner or later mandate the Fed to print the roughly $100 trillion needed to fund her Green New Deal, and in doing so end the reign of the reserve currency once and for all.

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