Via Zerohedge

Perhaps anticipating that his “very talented” friend Boris Johnson will win the contest to succeed Theresa May as the UK’s next prime minister, President Trump again violated ‘diplomatic protocol’ by weighing in on Britain’s domestic affairs during his state visit to Buckingham Palace.

Since he touched down in the UK early this morning, Trump has unleashed a steady stream of tweets. He’s lashed out at the Mayor of London, CNN and China, while retweeting video and photos from his family’s historic meeting with the Queen.

Trump thanked all of the “tremendous crowds of well wishers and people that love our country,” while insisting that he hasn’t seen any protesters yet.

Trump concluded a string of tweets about his visit with a tantalizing offer: Once the UK has gotten rid of “the shackles” – presumably a reference to the EU – a “big trade deal will be possible” with the US. The two sides “are already starting to talk,” Trump added.

The last time Trump weighed in on the possibility of a US-UK trade deal, it was nearly one-year ago when he met with Theresa May at her Chequers estate shortly after she negotiated the hated “Chequers” plan with her counterparts from Brussels. At the time, Trump said May’s vision of Brexit would almost certainly kill the prospect of a trade deal with the US.

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Now that May is on her way out and the next Tory leader is expected to steer the UK toward a ‘no deal’ Brexit, Trump is apparently willing to do whatever he can to help Johnson (or possibly Dominic Raab or Michael Gove) soften the economic blow.