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Trump Defends North Korea Missile Tests, Says Kim Jong Un Has “Beautiful Vision”

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Via MishTalk

Since Mish looks at the world through TDS glasses:

Clinton gives North Korea $4 billion in “aid” to include 500,000 barrels of oil for an “agreement” for ending North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. North Korea only accelerated their nuclear weapons program.

Bush have North Korea $400 million in aid in exchange for shuttering its main nuclear reactor. North Korea took the money and kept the reactor open.

Obama used “strategic patience” as a policy for North Korea – basically letting North Korea continue to develop ICBMs and a working nuclear weapon while do nothing. Obama leaves office with a North Korea with fully functional ICBMs and functional nuclear weapons.

President Trump has already made more progress with North Korea in the past year than his predecessors managed over the course of more than two decades – in exchange for a piece of paper.

There have been no new nuclear weapons tests or provocative ICBM ballistic missile launches.

The last people President Trump needs advice from are the ones who created this mess in the first place.

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