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When it comes to the best tech deals this Cyber Monday, many of us are looking for something from Apple. Whether you are in the mood for a new iPad, want to upgrade to a better iPhone, or have decided to treat yourself to the Apple MacBook Air, we’ve got you covered.

Black Friday itself might be over, but there are still plenty of amazing deals to be had today in the Cyber Monday sales.

Apple deals are renowned for being some of the most popular and in-demand of the now famous sales weekend. In fact, today’s Cyber Monday sale gives shoppers the last chance to buy their iProduct of choice at a reduced cost before the device skyrockets back to its RRP. 

With so many retailers cutting prices, we’ve rounded up the very best Apple deals for Cyber Monday 2019 below.

1. iPhone 11 – 64GB

£39 per month, and £35 upfront

It might have been slightly upstaged by the new iPhone 11 Pro, but the iPhone 11 has similar qualities. Both have incredible camera quality, according to Telegraph writer James Titcomb. “Not only does the camera take better photos; it lets you take new kinds of photos,” he writes.

The iPhone 11, like the Pro, has an ultra wide camera lens, which allows you to fit four times as much into the shot. This could come in particularly handy when photographing a scenic landscape or attempting to take a group selfie. 

This phone is currently being offered on a contract with O2 through for £39 per month (after paying £35 upfront), which includes 90GB data and unlimited texts and minutes. Alternatively, you can get the same phone for £36 per month (and £95 upfront) with EE, including 75GB data and unlimited texts and minutes.

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2. iPhone 11 Pro

Was £1,049, now £999

The newest iPhone model is now in the sales. It is a slight upgrade on the iPhone 11 because it has three cameras, including a regular, ultra-wide and “telephoto” lens. As such, you can zoom out of photos, but you can also take shots in Portrait mode, where the background is blurred so your image comes into sharper focus. Today, you can get the phone with a £50 discount from Currys PC World.

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3. iPhone XR – 64GB

Was £629, now £549

iphone xr cyber monday deals 

This mid-range model from Apple has a 6.1-inch liquid retina display and good quality screen resolution. It has a powerful single lens camera, which is equipped for Portrait mode (where the background of a photo is blurred so the person’s face is in sharper focus). Apple claims the camera will deliver faster auto-focus and deeper pixels because of its in-built sensor.

The phone is available in an array of colours. You can buy the phone outright from GiffGaff today or, if you’re looking for a monthly contract, you might instead opt for this deal from a £30 per month contract with 02 (including 30GB data), with £79 paid upfront for the phone. 

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4. Apple iPhone XS – 256GB, SIM Free

Was £1,099, now £849

Apple iPhone XS, iOS, 5.8″, 4G LTE, SIM Free, 256GB, Space Grey

This discount on the iPhone XS is fairly significant, considering it is only a year old. The model has a fantastic camera that incorporates Portrait mode and Smart HDR (a professional camera technique that creates optimal photos). Plus, the 5.8-inch screen is crystal clear and perfect for streaming shows. At the moment, John Lewis are offering the Space Grey iPhone XS with 256GB for £849, which is £250 cheaper than usual.

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If you’re looking for a contract, however, we recommend this offering from EE, giving you 100GB of data, unlimited minutes and texts, and free EU roaming, for £63 per month (and an upfront cost of £30).  

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5. Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Was £159, now £139

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Granted, this isn’t the biggest discount Currys has to offer, but then Apple AirPods are still in high demand. The pioneering wireless headphones use Bluetooth to stream your music. When you take the headphones out, your music will automatically pause. They are smart headphones, too, as they are connected to Siri, who is on hand to answer any burning questions. 

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6. MacBook Air with Retina Display – 13.3″

Was £1,099, now £985

MacBook Air with Retina Display

“The new Macbook Air probably represents the best of Apple’s recent work on laptops,” writes Telegraph writer James Titcomb. He’s right, of course: the Macbook Air has a smaller and lighter design with slimmer borders than older models, with a super high-definition retina display and a 13 hour battery life. It’s transportable, loads quickly, and is the perfect combination of function and form. Now, this new model is available with a £114 discount from Currys PC World. 

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7. MacBook Pro with Touch Bar – 13″

Was £1,299, now £1,146

MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

While it’s too soon for the brand-new 16-inch MacBook Pro to be in the sales, there is a slight discount on the 13-inch MacBook Pro. This laptop razor thin, at 14.9mm, and super lightweight, at jut 1.37kg. It is geared to take on complicated tasks due to its eighth-generation quad-core Intel processor, which is particularly useful if you’re into coding, cinematography or graphic design. Its main update from previous models is the new Touch Bar, which replaces the function keys at the top of your keyboard for ease of access, and the Touch ID which gives your MacBook added security. 

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8. Apple Watch Series 4

Was £429, now £299

This Apple Watch model has a 30 per cent larger screen than the Series 3, and has a wide range of functions. On top of tracking your heart rate, it can help you plan your workouts and set up competitions with your friends. You can also keep track of incoming calls and messages, listen to music and, of course, tell the time. 

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9. Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch), WiFi, 256GB

Was £1,119, now £1,049

Apple iPad Pro (12.9-inch) 

The most advanced iPad yet, this 12.9-inch iPad Pro has all the bells and whistles, including a large screen (ideal for streaming videos), Face ID and good quality front camera. It currently has a significant 20 per cent discount at Amazon. 

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10. Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ Sports Band

Was £429, now £299

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ Sports Band

This particular model of the Apple Watch does much more than you’d expect. Along with all the typical Apple watch functionality, this gorgeous little smart watch also doubles as a fitness tracker. It helps you stay motivated (with activity rings and Smart Coaching) and monitors your heart rate and workouts (even swimming, with clear reports). 

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11.  Apple iPad (10.2-inch) 

Was £349, now £299

Apple iPad (10.2-inch) 

It may not be a ‘Pro’, but you can get the brand’s latest iPad for less than £300 today. For most people, the tablet will do everything you’d expect and more; its Retina display was even increased from the standard 9.7 inches to 10.2 inches and it boasts full-size Smart Keyboard compatibility. Available in Gold, Silver and Space Grey.

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