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 Sir John Cowperthwaite

By Robert Wenzel

The Center for Disease Control is a hotbed of anti-Trump sentiment.

President Trump and those around him are starting to get it.

The Washington Post reports:

“There is a view the CDC is staffed with ‘deep state’ Democrats that are trying to tweak the administration,” said one [White House] adviser who also spoke on the condition of anonymity to reveal private conversations.

Of course, it is. That should have been obvious back in February when the CDC trotted out Rod Rosenstein’s sister Nancy Messonnier to declare “Disruption to everyday life might be severe”” because of COVID-19.

Immediately after the Messonnier warning, lefty media went on the attack against Trump for not doing enough to prevent COVID-19 from entering the US.

And now we have the unrelenting reporting on the new Sunbelt spike in cases of COVID-19, fueled to a large extent by the vast testing that is going on. The infection reports are all being put out of context to continue the fearmongering that Trump is incompetent in handling the COVID-19 “crisis.” Lies, damn lies and COVID-19 reporting are what we are seeing.

Long ago, Trump should have put a stop to the mass testing, it serves no health purpose other than to be used as a tool against him by the anti-Trump crowds in the CDC and state health agencies.

Those with severe systems that are in hospitals should be tested but that is about all.

Trump should have gone total Sir John Cowperthwaite months ago.

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Cowperthwaite was the financial secretary of Hong Kong from 1961 to 1971, a period of spectacular growth in the then British colony.

Marian Tupy, a policy analyst with the Center for Global Liberty and Prosperity, has reported on a conversation he had with Cowperthwaite:

Sir John was an old‐​fashioned man. When I finally met him, I found him to be modest but self‐​assured. While other colonial administrators throughout the British Empire were busy adopting statist economic policies, Sir John rejected the socialist zeitgeist. Heavily influenced by Adam Smith, Sir John let the Hong Kong economy grow unhindered by bureaucratic overreach. As he told me, “I came to Hong Kong and found the economy working just fine. So, I left it that way.”…

At some point during our first conversation I managed to irk him by suggesting that he was chiefly known “for doing nothing.” In fact, he pointed out, keeping the British political busy‐​bodies from interfering in Hong Kong’s economic affairs took up a large portion of his time…

Of all the policies that we discussed, one stands out in my mind — if for no other reason than because it is so thoroughly counterintuitive. I asked him to name the one reform that he was most proud of. “I abolished the collection of statistics,” he replied. Sir John believed that statistics are dangerous, because they enable social engineers of all stripes to justify state intervention in the economy.

Trump should have abolished the collection and reporting of COVID-19 statistics long ago. He should have declared that the collection and reporting of COVID-19 data was a national security issue. That, just to rub it into the crazed anti-Trump crowd, the data was being used by the Russians to find weaknesses in America. That any leaking of COVID-19 reports would be considered treason.

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I am always in favor of using government laws against the government. Trump should have done this.

It is probably too late to do this now, the high-testing virus load will likely peak in the Sunbelt within weeks if it hasn’t already. But Trump should be on alert to shut down any other data that might emerge from the “health” agencies.

All this said, if Trump is re-elected, he should keep a picture of Cowperthwaite in the top drawer of the Resolution desk in the Oval Office and make it his goal for his second term to follow Cowperthwaite’s lead and keep government busy-bodies from interfering in the country’s economic affairs.