What the MPs are saying

Damian Green, former de facto deputy prime minister and a close friend of Mrs May, tells our chief political correspondent Jim Pickard:

Suddenly and unexpectedly becoming Prime Minister after the seismic shock of the Brexit referendum meant she was dealt an extremely difficult hand to play.

The truth is, having an election a year later, which cut the Conservative party’s majority, then at that point it is impossible.

I think the key point where it went off the rails was when [former Brexit secretary] David Davis resigned from Cabinet [last July].

I think being able to have a deal that kept him and probably [influential Brexiter and former foreign secretary] Boris Johnson inside would have made all the difference – that seems to have been the turning point.

Wayne David, Labour MP, on Twitter:

Compromise? The reason she has gone is her failure to compromise.

Julian Smith, government chief whip:

The values, integrity & commitment of [Theresa May] to the United Kingdom have been outstanding.

Theresa Villiers, Conservative MP, in a statement:

The new Conservative leader needs to bring the party back together and provide real leadership and direction. He or she should immediately seek improved exit terms from the EU. We need to get Brexit done and move on from the divisions it has caused in the party and the country.

Richard Burgon, Labour MP, on Twitter:

May’s resignation will make no positive difference to communities across the country hit hard by cruel Conservative austerity.

Peter Bone, Conservative MP, tells the BBC:

She could have been a national hero if she had kept to her word that we would leave the UK on 29 March…From that point on it was inevitable that she would not serve for much longer.

Jess Phillips, Labour, on Twitter:

She deserves our respect but not an unwavering whitewash. Our country desperately needed and needs leadership that doesn’t pander to their bases and speaks [to] and hears the country.

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