Via Zerohedge

A Tesla in Germany has gone up in flames and burned to the ground “for no apparent reason” according to a translation of a Stern Newsmagazine article published on Tuesday. 

The Tesla was reportedly in the residential area of Ratingen-Breitscheid when it caught fire, leaving “not much more than a pile of ash” behind.

Police reports said the car “burned out completely” in a parking lot. 

The photos of the car, post-fire, are stunning. 

A local resident reportedly heard a large “bang” during the night, the article says. It continues:

“When he ran into the street to check, he found that a Tesla was burning there, and the man immediately alerted the fire department, which in turn informed the police about the fire.”

Emergency services reportedly found a “completely flaming car” when they arrived on the scene and the fire department was able to extinguish the fire eventually. The fire was so big that a BMW located four meters away was damaged from the heat. 

There were no indications of the cause of the fire at the time and investigations are ongoing.

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