Via Economic Policy Journal

Ths socialist congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez now has 4.6 million followers on Twitter. She has now surpassed the number of followers of The New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize winner, the Keynesian economist Paul Krugman who has 4.53 million followers.

Some may argue that AOC attracts a more youthful crowd that uses Twitter more regularly than the grey-haired Keynesian attracts from his outpost at the Grey Lady. This may be true.

But it shows at least the near-term trend. Whereas Krugman-style Keynesianism is interventionism-lite, AOC is about hardcore socialism. This is the trend, especially amongst the youth. And remember, Krugman is 66 years old, AOC is only 29.

The closest that I can find to a free market economist with a significant following is Tyler Cowen and I have to really stretch the term free market to include him. He has 129,000 followers.

Sadly, the individual who appreciates free markets is an outlier.

I do not know what will turn things around. I do not know if there is a paradigm shift out there. If not, socialism will surely suffocate civilization. The 4.6 million AOC followers may very well be the vanguard of central planning policy that can do nothing but crush life as we know it today.


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