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Bill Gates appeared on CNN last night and cheered on the lockdown:

Well, talk about being smacked in the face. What’s going on here is mind-blowing. Never in my lifetime have we had to change our behavior and have this drastic effect on the economy in order to save lives. And, you know, there are people who wish we didn’t have to do that. That is fully understandable. This is some very tough medicine, but it’s better to take the economic problem where the economy can come back than to allow it to spread throughout the country and take millions of deaths as the price that we have to pay here. And so, yeah, I think this is a smack on the head. You know, this will cost trillions of dollars.

It is not clear where he is getting the “millions of deaths” from, for one. The only scientist making that claim has retracted it.

But more to the point, Gates appears to rule out alternatives when considering the support for the lockdown.

For example, it appears that a sound alternative to locking down the entire country is to advise the elderly and those with serious chronic illnesses to be-careful and self-isolate. It is these people for whom COVID-19 is a serious threat, not the entire damn country.

Does Gates propose that the entire country go on long down every year during the flu season because somewhere between 20,000 and 60,000, mostly elderly, will die in this country from the flu?

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Does he want to ban cars and air travel because some will die when traveling in them?

Does he not understand that suicides and child-abuse will climb because of a lockdown?

Gates appears to have an entire block about the nature of valuations, options and risk-reward in a world that is not the Garden of Eden.

If Gates really thinks he can bring the Garden of Eden to earth with his limited calculations than he is one delusional man.

Here is the sad clip.