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I love me some science and psychology! I stumbled across an “effect” in the world of psychology and did more research on it… and wow, all I can say is it 100% (probably even more) applies to all of us in the challenging world of trading. In fact, it’s a phenomenon where if you are being honest with yourself, it has happened to you or who knows, may be happening right now. To clarity, just because there has been money spent at a university to do research and study a topic does not mean you should blindly accept the results of it; however, given I’ve been around since 2013 and have interacted with 1,000’s of people at this point, I can say with full certainty that this “effect” is alive and well within the financial markets. I learned a ton from it and I’m confident you will too, so let’s get to it and talk some science and trading!

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