Over the past two years, we have quietly redesigned and rebuilt the experience at Blockchain.com.To better reflect and anchor impactful changes made to our design system, we are giving our logo a refresh.

In the coming weeks, our website will get a refresh. Here’s a sneak peek:

The Blockchain.com Explorer continues to be one of the most popular (and important) data sources in crypto.

We’re updating the Explorer with a simpler, cleaner UI. Users will notice more intuitive navigation with more opportunities for discovery and exploration.

A refreshed Blockchain.com Explorer

In addition, we continue to build on our data products. Last month, we launched new charts and visualizations, including 5 new charts: Hashrate Distribution Over Time, Average Fees per Transactions, and 3 On-Chain Market Signals.


The Wallet is the heart of the Blockchain.com experience. It’s the gateway into crypto, where you buy your first bitcoin and then continue to explore everything else crypto has to offer. Much like the internet is built around a browser, crypto is built around a wallet.

We’re building the last wallet you’ll ever need. To achieve this goal, we’ve anchored around an experience that’s fast, easy and safe. We’re thrilled to announce new features built directly in the wallet.

Customers can now buy crypto with a credit or debit card faster and easier than ever. This means that a new customer can discover crypto, download a wallet, and fund it with bitcoin, all within a few minutes. This will be available globally on Visa and Mastercard networks, supporting most major currencies. We’re also rolling out the ability to connect directly to your bank, so you can deposit and withdraw straight from your checking account.

Buying crypto in the Blockchain.com Wallet

For the millions of people holding BTC, you can now deposit it into an Interest Account and watch it earn 4.5% interest annually. If you deposit 1 bitcoin, you could earn over $400 in interest. When you compare that to the near-zero interest rates you’ll likely get with traditional bank accounts at the moment, it’s hard to beat. Access your crypto and withdraw when you need it. In the meantime, watch as your crypto holdings steadily grow.

Deposit BTC in an Interest Account and watch it grow

You can now borrow against your BTC and receive digital dollars at a 5% interest rate. These collateralized loans are perfect for those who have BTC they don’t want to sell, but could use the liquidity — this could be for anything from trading to making an important purchase and everything else in between. Availability for Borrow is expanding globally and will include state-by-state releases in the US.

Borrow USD Digital by collateralizing your BTC

In addition to all of these new features, you can now manage your wallet and all of your other accounts in one, unified experience. Given that the wallet is non-custodial, whilst features like Interest Account and the Exchange are custodial, it’s useful to see a snapshot of your account balances all in one place — so you’re always in control of your crypto. We’ll be rolling out this unified experience in the coming weeks and we’re excited to see it in the hands of our customers.

A unified view of custodial and non-custodial accounts

We’re proud to announce that soon users will find USDT and Algorand in the Wallet. USDT is the most popular and demanded stablecoin in the world and has seen incredible growth over the last quarter. Algorand is a project that has great potential as a platform for enabling decentralised finance at scale.

The latest additions to the Blockchain.com Wallet

This is an incredibly exciting time for the wallet. We’re hard at work to bring the best possible crypto experience to the next 1B users.

The Blockchain.com Exchange is the fastest growing product in our history. Funded accounts — our primary growth metric — are growing exponentially with a 400% + growth rate in the past year and 50% + in the last 30 days. Over 170 institutions have been onboarded and we’re maintaining a top 5 spot market liquidity profile — an important detail as we’ve seen huge volumes and volatility over the past few months.

To complement this rapidly growing product, we’ve upgraded the Blockchain.com Exchange, simplifying the UX and optimizing it for a powerful trading experience. On average, we’ll ship 3–4 changes a week to a trading UX meant to delight our users. Our goal is to offer a trading experience that’s simple and intuitive enough for a brand new trader while offering enough power for any trader around the world.

A simple UX for new traders, powerful tools for advanced traders

We’re also focused on providing fiat ramps with the Exchange product. We currently support some of the most widely-used fiat currencies, from the Dollar, to the Pound, and to Euro and we recently launched support for the Turkish Lira.

Coming soon: Support for the Russian RUB

Today, we’re pleased to announce that in the coming weeks, we’ll be one of only a handful of exchanges that support the Russian Ruble. Russian users already make up a large portion of our traffic and exchange volume. We’re excited to make it easier for Russian users to trade crypto in their local currency.

We’re also pleased to announce our upcoming support of XRP trading pairs, which will trade against the dollar, euro and bitcoin.

For clients who trade with high frequency or in high volumes, we offer Prime Client Benefits, which include

  • 24/7 dedicated support via phone, email, Telegram, WhatsApp and more
  • Customized on-venue lending to provide leverage customised to your needs
  • OTC trading with our experienced desk
  • Great trading terms with tight spreads, low fees, and deep liquidity
  • Support for SEN & SIG (USD), Faster Payments (GBP) and SEPA Instant (EUR)

Additionally, margin trading will be coming to the Blockchain.com Exchange. We will be offering a simple, margin trading experience that makes it easy and understandable for any user to add margin and leverage to their account. Margin trading has been a top request for many traders and we’re currently in the process of building this in the Exchange.

The Blockchain.com Exchange API was launched at the beginning of the year. As a fresh, nimble trading API, delivering the most powerful exchange API set — Binary, Web Sockets, and REST — the Blockchain.com Exchange API is the latest addition to the suite of APIs we have engineered for developers.

That leads to our last set of announcements surrounding the Blockchain.com Markets. Blockchain.com features a host of OTC, Lending, and Structured products. Our OTC Lending desk has had over $200 million in origination in Q1 and the Trading desk has received large block trades against BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP, and G20 currencies. We also have liquidity for the top 50 coins against dark liquidity and offer Options and Structured offtakes (FPOPs).

Most importantly, we offer Direct Market Access (DMA) for Market Makers and HFTs. This includes London based colocation, supported hardware for DMA clients, dedicated customer coverage, and 30-microsecond end-to-end latency.

Blockchain.com Ventures backs crypto projects at their earliest stages. We have an institutional investment track record with anchor capital and resources from Blockchain.com and Lightspeed Ventures. In this volatile environment, it’s important to relay that Blockchain.com Venture continues to invest in new deals in the COVID era. We’ve now closed 3 new deals post-COVID, alongside our portfolio of early-stage investments across decentralized finance, infrastructure, and trading spaces.

In Closing

We’ve discussed a lot today and have much more to come. We couldn’t be more excited to take advantage of this unique moment in the world — a unique opportunity for crypto.

Via Blockchain.com

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