Via Clay Trader

It’s time to toughen up! If you want to survive in the financial markets, a “must have” requirement is being able to have thick skin. If you are someone who is easily offended or has an ego so big that as soon as someone says something that pricks it, stay away! My guest from the community, Marcus, is a shining example of exactly why this is the case. He’s been through a lot and his journey has spanned several years, but he’s hustling and grinding his way not only through trading, but life. From my observation in talking with him, a huge reason why he has been able to “own life” and “make things” happen is due to his thick skin. It has so far and will continue to benefit him in the savage world of the financial markets. In other words, he has a lot to offer to those people that listen with an open mind. Let’s get to it!

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