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Swedish prosecutors have unveiled the evidence they have collected to charge American rapper A$AP Rocky, and it definitely looks worse than the initial facts might have suggested.

In a series of photos, prosecutors revealed the extent of the injuries sustained by Mustafa Jafari, Rocky’s alleged victim – and they don’t look good.

In the photos, Jafari has deep lacerations on his arms, some of which required stitches. He sustained the cuts after a member of Rocky’s entourage slashed him with a broken bottle after the group had knocked him to the ground.

Videos that had surfaced on social media showed Jafari, who has one drug conviction on his record, following Rocky and two other men who have been charged in the incident. Jafari appeared to taunt and provoke the star, who initially tried to handle things with a cool head and deescalate the situation.

But things quickly escalated, and in one clip, Rocky can be seen violently throwing Jafari to the ground.

Rocky was in Stockholm to perform at the Smash hip-hop festival. He’s had to cancel the rest of his European tour after surrendering to Swedish police early this month.

Rocky was denied bail, and will be imprisoned until his trial, which is set to begin July 30, according to the Daily Mail, if he’s convicted of assault, he could be sentenced to up to two years in prison.

Magnus Stromberg, a lawyer for Jafari, said Rocky’s bodyguards grabbed his client by the neck and tried to drag him away as the brawl started. Prosecutors released a trove of documents on Friday, that also included allegations that Rocky pushed Jafari to the ground.

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President Trump has expressed frustration with Sweden over the prime minister’s refusal to intervene in the legal process. In his latest tweet, Trump accused Sweden of ingratitude, and insisted that it focus on its “real crime problem.”

We imagine tweets like this one will continue as the trial date nears.