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Success During “Hard” Times: Sex Toy Company Sees Sales Rocket 38% Since COVID-19 Lockdown Started

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Today in “capitalism works” news, a British sex toy company is having its best month since 2017 as a result of the coronavirus lockdown.

It’s almost as if demand fluctuates for items based on market conditions. Weird. Don’t tell the Central Banks…

Joe Silver and James Pearson, owners of sex toy company Olivia Ocean, say they’re working harder than ever to deal with increased numbers of deliveries to customers. The company says it continues to keep people safe by social distancing, despite the sales increase, according to The Mirror.

“Sales went through the roof. I’ve had to say lots of products are out of stock, we just weren’t ready for this,” Silver said. “Everybody is at home and they’ve got a lot of spare time on their hands. We’re only human, everyone is just a bit randy – let’s be honest.”

In the first week of the lockdown, sales were up 38%. The duo expects sales to rise by 50% by this weekend. Normally, they would be sending out about 1,500 packages a day. That number is now up to about 5,000.

Silver continued: “Day after day we come in and we’re up on what we were before.”

Among the most popular items since the lockdown is the “Couples Mystery Box”, which the company describes as a “naughty surprise for intense desire” – whatever the hell that means…

The company started when Pearson sent Silver a photo of a sex toy with no explanation. Silver said: “I knew him quite well so I knew he was a bit of a joker, but I didn’t know what angle this was.”

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Then, capitalism took over. “When I started looking in to it I realised it was a massive market and there aren’t a lot of people to compete with,” Silver continued. “After some market research, we found people don’t want to spend a lot of cash to buy a sex toy because they might realise it’s not for them, and you can’t return them.”

Godspeed, lads. 

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