Via Clay Trader

I have no idea if this “emotion” is something all people have, but it’s something I can totally relate with. That feeling being the desire to want to “accomplish something”. It’s hard to assign an exact definition to it, but at the core, it comes from the desire of achievement. Again, I can’t speak for everyone, but those of us who are involved, or thinking of getting started, in the financial markets can more than likely relate. We as traders don’t necessarily get into trading for the glory and riches but for the idea/feeling that we are building something all on our own. In many senses, it’s a form of entrepreneurship. My guest Jason (“Toxic” chatroom alias in community) has gone full bore into this mindset and he takes us on the journey with him. Like many, he’s done some really dumb things and at this point can only laugh at them; however, he’s also made some solid choices that we all can learn from. This has all lead him to the decision to jump in with both feet and give full time trading a try. Let’s get to it!