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Leave it to the Spaniards to come up with “social ropes” as the country attempts to reopen financially battered resort towns this summer after months of closure due to coronavirus lockdowns.

Some beaches in Spain are preparing to introduce specially designated areas that are roped off and will separate different ages and family groups to limit the transmission risk of COVID-19, reported The Sun

The Concello de Sanxenxo, a municipality in Galicia, Spain in the province of Pontevedra, has started to divide the beach at Praia de Silgar into different sections with rope to keep beachgoers apart from each other. Within the sections, there will 780 spaces, measuring about 1.5 meters each. While walking and playing games on the beach, people will have to maintain social distancing rules.

Lloret de Mar, a town on the Costa Brava in Spain’s Catalonia region, will divide its beaches into three different age segments to limit virus spreading. 

Three sections will be created, one for seniors, one for families with children, and others for adults without children, such as groups of friends, couples, and or singles. The elderly section will be for couples or individuals and have larger walkways, access to help via workers on the beach, and other services to make the beach visit more pleasurable. 

“Following the guidelines set by WHO [World Health Organization], the objective of the plan is to make Lloret de Mar the safest possible destination, fully prepared to receive visitors during the tourist season this summer and without leaving room for improvisation,” Mayor Jaume Dulsat said, according to The Sun.

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The Sun also said foot traffic at Spanish beaches this summer could drop by at least 90% over last year due to virus fears. 

Last month, a company in Itay introduced “plexiglass cages” as a solution to reopen beaches. 

While traveling to European beaches this year, maybe, perhaps, on an airplane, seats could soon be outfitted with specially designed “hygienic screens” to keep passengers safe from a possible virus carrier. 

A post-corona world is already looking unrecognizable from 2019. Oh, how times are quickly changing.