Hosting a holiday party in Aberdeen, Mississippi, this year could result in a hefty fine, or worse, end up on the police department’s naughty list. While there was no mention of possible arrest for breaking the new public health orders to limit gatherings, this certainty suggests draconian measures are being implemented that could jeopardize Christmas.  

According to Townhall, in a shocking Facebook post on Wednesday, the Aberdeen Police Department (APD) said they would enforce a mandate from the governor’s office regarding public health orders surrounding gatherings. 

We are now under a mandate that has been set by the governor’s office that will be enforced.

The mandate says 10 people on the inside and 50 on the outside.

If you scheduled events, please start making provisions to cancel them if they are going to be on the inside. Please don’t try and figure out how you can get around it because the fine will take the majority of your profit. -APD wrote in the Facebook post. 

APD continued and said the new “curfew” begins Monday and will be applied from “11:00 p.m. – 4:00 a.m. attitudes and cussing will be giving a citation for disorderly conduct and possibly a vehicle being towed so heed the warning.” 

And here it is: “As far as Christmas parties, pop-up shops, card games, any social gatherings that exceed 10 people, we will be writing the tickets. We ask that you follow the mandate.” 

So really, in this time of year, a Christmas party of just ten folks is barely even a party. Let’s also consider Aberdeen’s town is seated deep in Mississippi, where frankly, mask-wearing just might not be a thing. 

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Oh, and by the way, as for fines, APD said anyone issued fines for breaking these new public health orders over the holiday season would have to pay up – if not – the police department “will start serving warrants December 14, 2020.”

Now, of course, such draconian measures led to a firestorm on Facebook where APD initially published the new mandate, which came from the governor’s office. 

Dozens of people were shocked; some were outraged:

“Wow, I thought this was a joke when I saw it. Sounds like 1984 come true. Complete abuse of power,” wrote one resident.

“This is a disgrace that this is happening in Mississippi,” one irate resident wrote. “I’m pro-police. I back the blue. Until you overstep your boundaries. And this post is blatant tyranny. If you want citizens’ support, I’d suggest more professionalism and knowledge on the law.”

Another said: “Glad I don’t live here. This is awful and probably illegal and unconstitutional.”

The attempt to cancel Christmas appears to be nationwide, the nation’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said this past week with coronavirus cases surging and hospitalizations rising, people should “seriously consider” minimizing their travel plans over the Christmas holiday season. 

So does this mean Christmas is canceled this year? 

… by the way, this is also happening in Maryland

Via Zerohedge

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