Developers and IT professionals recognise Microsoft Azure as a fantastic tool, providing you a way to quickly deploy applications for enterprises, startups, or your own personal projects.

But sometimes you need help to make the most out of the platform, whether you’re looking for tips on design, development, or deployment, or searching for advice on testing and maintenance. It’s great to speak with experts face-to-face—and an opportunity to do just that is coming up soon!

On April 27, 2019, you are invited to attend the sixth annual Global Azure Bootcamp, a one-day series of events organised by members of Azure groups around the globe.

The Global Azure Bootcamp is open to anyone, whether you’re an enterprise developer using Azure for your day job, a startup founder looking for an easily accessible and industry-leading platform to run your business, or even a hobbyist running your own development projects in your spare time.

There will be a good number of events in the UK and Ireland. We’re particularly excited that an event will be held in Nottingham for the first time— the biggest tech city in the East Midlands.

If you can’t make any of the events in person, there is also the 24-hour online event, where a number of MVPs will be speaking and sharing knowledge with the Azure community.

It is important to note that this is not organised by Microsoft. The Global Azure Bootcamp events are all designed by the community, for people who want to learn about Azure and discover what it can do. The passionate organisers deserve full credit for creating this massive event, which the developer and IT professional community have found so useful.

Why attend the Global Azure Bootcamp?

It’s so easy for developers to deploy prototypes and applications with Azure. That’s why a diverse global community exists where members regularly share advice, tips, know-how and skills with each other, driven by talented and enthusiastic MVPs, RDs, and User Group leaders around the world.

In the UK, there is a thriving community of Azure users and developers. Since 2011, a UK Azure Users Group with thousands of members has been meeting regularly in London, Birmingham, and Manchester.

Global Azure Bootcamp events started back when the platform was called Windows Azure. One huge day of events was seen as a great way to create excitement among the community, and in the first year 92 locations in 36 countries participated. Now it has grown so large that it’s very likely you can attend an event wherever you are in the world. Last year, in fact, there were 273 locations in 59 countries participating, organised by local community leaders and Azure enthusiasts. There were 13,699 confirmed attendees, with 424 MVPs or RDs involved.

How can a Global Azure Bootcamp help you?

Content for each event is dependent on the organisers. Forms it could take include question-and-answer sessions, hackathons, workshops, or even one-to-one Azure tutorials. Some might have multiple tracks and sessions, while others could be individual lab sessions. Some might even be about raising money for a charity. That’s the beauty of a non-corporate community event.

These events can springboard you into the world of Azure, which has a range of uses and benefits for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Many companies are using cloud services for their network infrastructure, and because so many of them already use Microsoft services, Azure is a natural direction to take.

Where can you sign up?

Thanks to hard work behind the scenes, a range of UK Azure Bootcamp events—all free—are being offered. The full Azure Bootcamps agenda is here. You can sign up for events in Birmingham, Cardiff, ­Exeter, Glasgow, London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, and Nottingham. There are also Irish events in Letterkenny and Dublin, as well as one online hosted by MVPs.

Click on the links for more information and details of how to register. A YouTube introduction to the Global Azure Online Bootcamp is here. We also have a handy Azure global registration page.






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