SE: The Playful Public Art of Luke Jerram | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 6

Bloomberg via Youtube

Luke Jerram is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1974 and currently residing in England, engaging and inspiring audiences around the world. Since 1997, his works have captured the imagination of viewers everywhere. His practice encompasses installation, sculpture and public art projects. Perhaps it is due to the artist’s interest in the social role of art and communicating with the public, his diverse projects all seek to induce an active level of public participation.One of Jerram’s art projects involves placing pianos in public parks, bus stops and train stations, with the instrument readily available for anyone to take a seat, play and enjoy. By encouraging audience participation, his project connects people who cross paths every day but find it awkward to acknowledge one another. The pianos provide an opportunity to fill that emptiness and create a world in which familiar strangers might share something more.

The sixth episode of Brilliant Ideas presented by Bloomberg and Hyundai tells the engaging story of Luke Jerram, the artist with the ability to connect and unite. Jerram’s world of art beckons viewers to join in on an exciting, original journey.

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