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SE: The Godfather of Contemporary Art in India: Subodh Gupta | Brilliant Ideas Ep. 12

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Bloomberg via Youtube

As Jean Michel Basquiat was nicknamed the “Black Picasso,” many brilliant contemporary artists will earn the sobriquet of another’s name. Subodh Gupta, though now an institution in his own right, was once referred to as the “Damien Hirst of India.”His utilization of ready-mades and skull installations contributed to associations with the YBA artist, but Gupta rejected limiting analogy from the beginning: “I respect Damien Hirst, but I want people to accept me the way I am.” Through the 12th episode of Brilliant Ideas by Bloomberg and Hyundai, viewers are encouraged to explore the various aspects of Subodh Gupta who is recognized as one of the representative contemporary artists.

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