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Simon Dixon (CEO & Co-Founder of | Author of book: Bank To The Future Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust | Host of Bitcoin HARDTalk) interviews Godfrey Bloom who is an Author, Political Commentator, YouTuber, and a former MEP from 2004-2014. Godfrey Bloom recently tweeted about Bitcoin and how he is open to learn more about it. And so Simon Dixon and Godfrey jumped on a zoom call and recorded this very interesting conversation between the both of them. They talk Politics, Gold and Bitcoin.

Godfrey Bloom’s YouTube channel: Godfrey Bloom Official
Godfrey Bloom’s Twitter: @goddersbloom

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About Simon:
Simon Dixon: co-founder and CEO of the largest Global Online Investment Platform – | Author of best selling book on Amazon: Bank To The Future: Protect Your Future Before Governments Go Bust (the first published book to include the topic of Bitcoin) | Investor in over 100 of the most important and biggest FinTech and Crypto Companies in the world which include Coinbase, Kraken, BitPay, BitFinex, BitStamp, Circle, Ripple Labs,, and Robinhood | Simon was invited as a guest speaker to the world’s first Bitcoin conference | Simon has been interviewed on BBC, CNBC, Reuters, PressTV, Bloomberg, FT, RT (A regular guest with Max Keiser on the Keiser Report) | Biggest Social Media interviews: London Real | Simon has been campaigning for monetary reform for over 20 years and has consulted Politicians, world leaders, and governments about the Future of Finance, Bitcoin and FinTech. Simon is seen as one of the most important people within the FinTech and Bitcoin/Crypto sector and has won admiration from big name entrepreneurs, investors, news anchors and now a growing community of people from all over the world.

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