SE: Orange Pill [OP10] – The Discovery of Absolute Scarcity for Money

Keiser Report via Youtube

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Max Keiser encounters the source code of his own mind.

Max and Stacy chat to Robert Breedlove of Parallax Capital about how Bitcoin from a distance is very complicated, but the closer you get to it, the more sense it makes and, as the biggest money wins, so too has bitcoin. We’ve watched Austrian money (bitcoin) competing against Keynesian money in real time and bitcoin has to win. There is no getting around the fact that central banks issue an absolutely unscarce money and are, as such, an attack point for parasites which undermine the economy.

Max does some guy talk with Madge Weinstein. They determine that no CEO who wears high waisted jeans can be trusted to censor art.

You can’t out-Yankee an American as Roger Ver proved by selling a trick bag to Jihan Wu.

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