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On October 8th 2019, ABC News (Australia) published a deceptive documentary by well-known cultural marxist Hamish Macdonald. In this, the liar Hamish claims that his interview with Hard Line party leader Rasmus Paludan was “a torrent of abuse and hate speech”. Since we taped the whole interview, we will let people watch and decide for themselves. We think that Rasmus Paludan answered all questions honestly and fairly.

Watch the deceptive documentary here:

THE STATE OF DENMARK | Foreign Correspondent

LIVE STREAM: Hamish Macdonald travels to Denmark where he finds a nation with an identity crisis. Watch Foreign Correspondent live at 8pm.

Slået op af ABC News i Tirsdag den 8. oktober 2019

Hamish’ love for islam began in 2006 when he worked as a producer for Al Jazeera English’ regional headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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