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SE: Keiser Report: Warren Buffett’s big, fat pile of cash (E1351)

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Keiser Report via Youtube

Max and Stacy discuss the annual newsletter from billionaire investor Warren Buffett of Berkshire Hathaway. They look at the massive losses Buffett’s Berkshire suffered as Heinz-Kraft wrote down tens of billions of dollars in brand equity after austerity had plundered the value. Max and Stacy note the luck of having invested when the US government and the elite were still building the country rather than plundering it as they do now. They observe how the model helped Buffett build his fortune and also notice that, for an investor who allocates capital, Buffett’s mountain of cash suggests strongly that there is not actually much worth investing in. Max interviews Randy Voller, publisher of, about the latest on the major story of voter fraud and new elections happening in North Carolina. How will this story impact national politics? They also look through the list of Democratic candidates who have so far entered the race, and one who has not yet confirmed he is running – Joe Biden.


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