Keiser Report via Youtube

In this interview, Egon and Max discuss the imminent turn of markets based on technicals. The Dow – Gold ratio has now turned down and will crash 95% according to Egon. That takes the ratio back to a 1 to 1 level where it was in 1980 when the Dow was 850 and gold was $850 per ounce. So we will now see a crash in stocks and a surge in gold.

Other topics covered:

– Stock market investing has been an easy game for decades but that time is now over
– Warren Buffet sits on $128 billion cash. Egon suggests to give him a call to buy gold. Otherwise his cash will be worthless in a few years
– With less than 0.5% of world financial assets in gold, the upside potential is massive
– Major gold buying by Eastern central banks, including Russia and Turkey
ETFs not buying physical gold

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