Keiser Report via Youtube

Financial vandalism and dollar toast (E1434)

Prison, The New Pension Plan. Surviving in Fascist’s Freedom Sucks.

Max Keiser Explains Propaganda, “U S Authorities Say”

Max Keiser Explains Conspiracy Theory, in Financial Terms

Hang On To Your Gold Teeth. USA’s Thieving Gold Conspiracy Capers. 911, Libya, Iraq

Reality Check. Who REALLY Owns Your Money

Goldman Sachs Stole Teamsters Pension Funds, ft Max Keiser

Fake Gold is Circulating Around the World. Gold Confiscating Coming, Again.

Stealing your GOLD Will Be Like Taking Candy From a Baby, Gold Confiscation Coming Next.

THE ILLUSION OF THE VALUE OF GOLD. It is a Farce. Counterfiet Gold Bars

Biggest Banking Scam Ever, Using Your Money For Free.

Patriotic Retirement Plan. Crush the Greed, Suffice the Needs.

Unoccupied Prisons Will Be Senior Retirement Housing Units.

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