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SE: Florida's Iguana Invasion Is Heating Up | 3D VR180

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As average temperatures continue to rise, South Florida has been battling a seemingly unstoppable invasion by iguanas, a dinosaur-like invasive species native to South and Central America. With increasingly rare winter cold snaps, the reptilian menace has multiplied, threatening the native wildlife of Florida and carrying lethal bacteria such as salmonella. In this VR180 video, we follow local startup Redline Iguana Removal as they spend a typical day chasing and catching these startling, prehistoric reptiles.

This VR180 video is viewable in full 3D with a VR headset (Oculus Rift, HTC Vive) or with Google Cardboard. If viewing on desktop or mobile, click and drag your mouse or rotate your phone to explore a wider range of vision.

This video was produced as part of a YouTube VR Creator grant. Learn more about the VR180 format:

Series Produced by Raymond Schillinger
Graphics by Christian Capestany
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